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HomeLife Warranty Protection Answers Common Questions Regarding Home Warranties

Since 2003, HomeLife Warranty Protection has helped homeowners in the Southwest protect against costly unexpected breakdowns due to the ever growing increase in home repair costs. Today, professionals from the Arizona-based home warranty company answer questions about what a home warranty is…and isn’t.  

Q: What is a home warranty?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: You can think of a home warranty as a limited annual service contract that helps supplement costly covered home repairs when sudden unexpected breakdowns occur.

Q: What is a “covered system or appliance?”

HomeLife Warranty Protection: We offer two levels of coverage and numerous electives, including kitchen refrigerator and pool and spa equipment. Your covered items are those listed on the declaration page that relate your service policy.  

Q: Is a home warranty the same thing as homeowner’s insurance?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: No, although the two work in conjunction with one another to supplement the protection of your home. For instance, if the washing machine breaks due to normal wear and tear and results in a flood in the house, a home warranty would cover the repair or replacement of your washing machine. Homeowner’s insurance would cover any secondary property damage associated with that leak.

Q: Why should I choose HomeLife Warranty Protection?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: We are one of the most trusted names in home warranties in the Southwest. We partner with reliable local service providers to ensure your service requests are taken care of quickly and with the utmost respect.

Q: How can I customize a HomeLife Warranty Protection plan?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Talk to one of our friendly coverage specialists regarding your particular needs for a free consultation.  We can set you up with your personalized plan to ensure that your home is protected with a comprehensive range of elective systems and appliance coverages, designed for your peace of mind.

Q: Is it expensive?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Our home warranty plans start at just $23 per month or may be purchased as part of a real estate transaction. Call us today about our Green Leaf plans that are specifically designed and discounted for the real estate transaction.

Q: What is a trade item fee?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: A trade item fee is a small warranty deductible the homeowner is required to pay for the diagnosis of the failed item. You can think of it like a co-pay, much like you would have with the wide range of insurance products.

Q: Does HomeLife Warranty Protection cover every breakdown?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Not necessarily, though our plans are some of the most comprehensive in the industry that offer incredible value.  There is not any home warranty available that covers every breakdown on a home.

Q: How do I know what’s covered and what is not?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Call one of our coverage specialists or visit our website hlwp.co and request a copy of our agreement. It will clearly outline what appliances and mechanical components and systems are covered. Please note that a home warranty cannot cover repair or replacement of systems or appliances that haven’t been cared for properly.

Q: How do I request service?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Visit our website, email us, or call the number provided in your agreement. One of our helpful service request agents will respond promptly to assist you.

Q: What if I’m not happy with my service provider or if a repair isn’t covered and I think it should be?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: That’s easy. Just contact us and we will assist you. We offer you the ability to use your own contractor with prior authorization, as well. We just need you to check in with us first. We also will review the plan details and coverage to answer any questions you may have.

Q: My oven just quit working. Is that covered under my HomeLife Warranty Protection contract?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Absolutely, your oven is covered under the policy.

Q: Do my appliances have to be new to qualify for coverage?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: No, HomeLife Warranty Protection simply requires that all covered systems and appliances be in good working order as of the day you sign your contract.