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HomeLife Warranty Protection | What to Expect During the Unexpected

It’s very frustrating and disheartening when a major system or appliance breaks. However, the specialists at HomeLife Warranty Protection explain that a downed dishwasher doesn’t have to put a damper on your day.

A home warranty is a policy that helps homeowners defer the cost of system repair or appliance replacement. It works in conjunction with homeowners insurance to lessen the financial impact of an unexpected breakdown. So what, exactly, happens when something breaks without warning and what does unexpected really mean?

HomeLife Warranty Protection explains that a homeowner’s first course of action should be to troubleshoot common issues. Check that power supplies have not been interrupted and there is nothing physically preventing the appliance or system from operating normally. Once these issues have been ruled out, call HomeLife Warranty Protection to schedule a service call.

HomeLife Warranty Protection works with hundreds of local contractors throughout the Southwest to ensure quality service for its valued policyholders. Once service has been scheduled, a trusted provider will arrive and evaluate the situation. If it is determined that the breakdown was caused at no fault of the owner, the contractor will repair or schedule replacement of the item. Malfunctions caused due to neglect – whether intentional or not – may not be covered. An unexpected breakdown is defined as one that could not have been otherwise prevented with proper care of the appliance/system.

According to HomeLife Warranty Protection representatives, homeowners can ensure their unexpected breakdown is covered by pairing their home warranty with a qualified service contract. Many plumbing and HVAC companies, for instance, offer quarterly, biannual, or annual maintenance on major systems and/or appliances.

A home warranty policy covers the repair or replacement of listed items that have been correctly maintained. For more information on home warranty policies from HomeLife Warranty Protection visit HLWP.co.