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HomeLife Warranty Protection Answers Your Questions: What Are Preexisting Conditions?

HomeLife Warranty Protection (HLWP) serves homeowners throughout the Southwest with superior home warranty coverage, exceptional customer service, and partnerships with leading repair professionals. In the following post, HLWP explains preexisting conditions and why they are not covered by any home warranty provider.

What is a preexisting condition?

According to HomeLife Warranty Protection representatives, a preexisting condition is one that existed at any time prior to the effective date of coverage. For instance, a previous or attempted repair or prior conditions or breakdowns that were existing before the coverage start date. You cannot get in a car accident today, sign up for auto insurance tomorrow, and then make an insurance claim the day after.

How do I know if my appliance is in working order?

When you buy a new home, your inspector may clue you in on potential problems, explains HomeLife Warranty Protection. However, the home inspector’s job is to perform a visual inspection and he or she may not be able to warn you of all issues.

When an issue arises, who determines if it was preexisting?

HomeLife Warranty Protection relies on the proficiency of the network of service contractor providers. These are trusted local plumbers, electricians, and other trade industry professionals. They are the ones who determine if the problem was there or not, based on their own professional opinions. For instance, if your HVAC system quits working, it could be a spontaneous failure of the indoor blower motor, or it may be a compressor failure due to the system never being maintained and choking out the system from much needed air-flow.  A HomeLife Warranty Protection policy would likely cover the former, while the latter is caused by improper upkeep determined by the professional opinion of the contractor.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibly to properly maintain your investment. With regular care, most appliances will last for many years. However, when unexpected failures occur, HomeLife Warranty Protection is there to help offset expenses related to repair or replacement.

HLWP offers free policy resolution consultation and will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your home warranty policy no matter who you are currently with.