About HomeLife Warranty Protection

The average homeowner spends hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on home repairs. Arizona-based Homelife Warranty Protection wants to lower these costs and bring professional repair services to its loyal clients.

Homelife Warranty Protection has put together the most affordable and complete coverage packages on the market. For less than $300 per year, homeowners enjoy assurance against high repair costs for the most used systems and appliances in the home.

Basic Product Coverage overview

A basic coverage policy from Homelife Warranty Protection offers repair or replacement for a home’s electrical system including wiring, ventilation fans, electrical outlets and light switches. Homelife Warranty Protection additionally covers garage door opener mechanisms as well as electrical components of a single central vacuum system. In the kitchen, a basic policy offers protection against everyday wear and tear failure on the dishwasher, oven and range, and trash compactor. Homelife Warranty Protection has included the microwave and kitchen exhaust fans in the basic coverage policy. Homeowners are protected against plumbing system failures, including issues with the water heater, mainline stoppage, and garbage disposal.

Prestige Product Coverage overview

To help homeowners protect one of their most expensive home-related investments, the heating and air-conditioning system, Homelife Warranty Protection offers a Prestige Product Coverage policy. For an additional $150 per contract, customers receive Basic Product Coverage plus air-conditioning and heating system coverage. This policy covers all heating and cooling systems attached to the policy holder’s primary address. As an added value, Homelife Warranty Protection offers drain pan replacement and up to three pounds of refrigerant per each covered repair.

Because each homeowner has different needs, Homelife Warranty Protection offers numerous elective product coverage add-ons. Optional coverage may be purchased prior to closing or up to 30 days after. Homelife Warranty Protection customers purchasing optional coverage outside of a real estate transaction must add their selections at the time of initial payment.

Optional product coverage packages available through Homelife Warranty Protection have been designed to cover components and accessories not included in the Basic and Prestige coverage packages. Homelife Warranty Protection also offers coverage for residential landscape sprinkling systems as well as ornamental fountains and pool and spa equipment.

Optional lifestyle coverage

Master HVAC tune-up service and warranty protection for high-end appliances and external pipe damage are available through Homelife Warranty Protection.

For more information or to apply for one of the many coverage options available through Homelife Warranty Protection, visit HLWP.co.