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HomeLife Warranty Protection Answers Your Questions: What Are Preexisting Conditions?

HomeLife Warranty Protection (HLWP) serves homeowners throughout the Southwest with superior home warranty coverage, exceptional customer service, and partnerships with leading repair professionals. In the following post, HLWP explains preexisting conditions and why they are not covered by any home warranty provider.

What is a preexisting condition?

According to HomeLife Warranty Protection representatives, a preexisting condition is one that existed at any time prior to the effective date of coverage. For instance, a previous or attempted repair or prior conditions or breakdowns that were existing before the coverage start date. You cannot get in a car accident today, sign up for auto insurance tomorrow, and then make an insurance claim the day after.

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HomeLife Warranty Protection

Homelife Warranty Protection Founder Nicole Roehl Discusses Foster Care Statistics

Successful entrepreneur Nicole Roehl spent years in foster care, separated from her five siblings. She says it is an imperfect system that needs as much support as possible. In the following excerpt from a recent interview, the founder of Homelife Warranty Protection opens up about foster care in the US.

Q: How many children currently reside in the foster care system?

Nicole Roehl, Homelife Warranty Protection: In the United States alone, there are approximately 500,000 foster care children at any given time. Ideally, these children would be placed in loving and supportive foster homes until they can be reunited with their families or find their forever homes through adoption.

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HomeLife Warranty Protection | What to Expect During the Unexpected

It’s very frustrating and disheartening when a major system or appliance breaks. However, the specialists at HomeLife Warranty Protection explain that a downed dishwasher doesn’t have to put a damper on your day.

A home warranty is a policy that helps homeowners defer the cost of system repair or appliance replacement. It works in conjunction with homeowners insurance to lessen the financial impact of an unexpected breakdown. So what, exactly, happens when something breaks without warning and what does unexpected really mean?

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HomeLife Warranty Protection Supports Hope House

HomeLife Warranty Protection founders Nicole and Dennis Roehl believe that the first steps on a journey toward a peaceful life start at home. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the opportunity to chart their path from a stable location.

For many single mothers and their children, home warranty protection coverage is the last thing on their minds. Whether or not a dishwasher or washing machine breaks down simply isn’t on their radar when survival takes priority. That’s why HomeLife Warranty Protection proudly supports the Hope House, located in Show Low, Arizona.

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HomeLife Warranty Protection

HomeLife Warranty Protection Answers Common Questions Regarding Home Warranties

Since 2003, HomeLife Warranty Protection has helped homeowners in the Southwest protect against costly unexpected breakdowns due to the ever growing increase in home repair costs. Today, professionals from the Arizona-based home warranty company answer questions about what a home warranty is…and isn’t.  

Q: What is a home warranty?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: You can think of a home warranty as a limited annual service contract that helps supplement costly covered home repairs when sudden unexpected breakdowns occur.

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